VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

View of the banquet at a past International DX Convention in Visalia. [Photo N6TV by permission]
Dec. 17, 2015. We are pleased to announce that we have been invited to make the banquet keynote presentation at the International DX Convention (IDXC) at Visalia, April 16, 2016. The invitation was extended by Jeffrey Wolf, Program Chairman for the convention, and confirmed by the IDXC Committee.

The presentation is likely to be a major departure from the conventional after-dinner talk, because we will still be on the DXpedition on April 16, the date of the dinner! We turned this challenge into an opportunity to demonstrate some of the new technology we have implemented for VKØEK. Co-organizer Rich Holoch KY6R will lead the presentation, possibly with the help of other members of the local support and technology development team.

You are probably aware that we have put considerable effort into implementing internet-based services to improve your opportunity to log a QSO with VKØEK and to enhance the DXing experience. For example, the web page DXA will give you confirmation of your QSO within 1 minute after we log it, and in the presentation we will show how it worked on VKØEK. Other services include the ability to exchange messages with the VKØEK team, and to see images and video from the island in virtually real-time. Many of our technology advances are made possible by a major corporate sponsor who has provided multiple satellite terminals and unlimited air time.

At the IDXC banquet, we expect to be able to show high-resolution images and video uploaded directly from Heard Island. In addition, we are working to provide a live interactive link to the convention banquet, using the large display capabilities of the Visalia Convention Center. Assuming these links work, we think you’ll find this presentation the one to remember, so we hope you’ll be there for this interesting event!


The facilities and equipment for the 2016 Heard Island Expedition will travel midway down the Atlantic (red path), and from there the cargo will travel on the Braveheart to Heard Island and Western Australia
Dec. 17, 2015. It is with pleasure that we announce that our container of facilities and equipment left the Port of Norfolk, VA, today aboard the Kuala Lampur Express, to begin its journey across the Atlantic Ocean to Cape Town, South Africa. The cargo weighs 4 tons and is valued at over 1 million dollars. The track of the vessel is rather close to a great-circle path. It is scheduled to arrive in Cape Town on Jan. 31, 2016.

The container ship Kuala Lampur Express, carrying the cargo destined for Cape Town. In the map at right, the green arrowhead shows the position of the vessel about 2 hours after sailing. You can track the progress of the vessel here or here.


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