VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

Krill Day Final comp

The entire VK0EK on island and “Diablo DX-er” support team would like to thank the entire DX Community for getting us to 94% of our funding goal – and which includes individuals, corporate sponsors and clubs and foundations. Our fund raising effort has been way beyond our expectations, thanks to YOU!

We would like to thank all of the team members who are going – at a significant personal expense of time and money, and for all who have spent many weekends to help procure, configure, test, pack and ship the VK0EK gear.

2016 looks like another “Epic DX Year”, and wow – time flies when you are having fun – we are only just over 5 weeks away from the New Year and only 4 months away from activating Heard Island, which hasn’t been activated since 1997 – when Bob, KK6EK, Peter, ON6TT , and Ralph, K0IR led that “all star” team to DX-pedition of the Year success. As hard as it might be to believe now – some of these fellows were in their first couple of DX-peditions. In fact, it still goes down as one of the best of the best DX-peditions EVER. Look at the names and calls – they will all be familiar to you now.

For full details on VK0IR, please see the wonderful James Brooks video:


and the VK0IR Book – which you can download and read for free:


Stay tuned to this “channel” for quite a bit of great news items – some that we have had to queue up while busily packing boxes and getting the truck loaded – which leaves TODAY for its first leg of the trip to Cape Town.

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