VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


WOW! Taking delivery of the Main Shelters, gee whiz. I can see ’em loading up Captain Englehorn’s ship “Venture” with supplies for Skull Island as hotshot movie producer Carl Denham looks for a leading lady and finds a suitable bombshell dame in Faye Rae on the streets of New York. I dunno about Faye Rae, but less-photogenic Dash! The Dog-Faced Ham may well need to be more surreptitious sneaking aboard Captain Jolly’s “Braveheart” bound for Heard Island. Stay tuned, and drink your Ovaltine!

[This is a new series brought to you by our very good friend Jeff, K1NSS – our Team Artist Extraordinaire. Please visit Jeff’s site at http://www.dashtoons.com/ and be prepared to be impressed!]


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