VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

The HUGE news is our shipment from DX Engineering:


Awesome – we love our sponsors, and know you do (or will) too!


And the local “Diablo DX-er” Team (driven by Ken, NG2H, Paul, ZS1S, Keith, VK6RK, Dave, K3EL and Rich, KY6R) have built various and sundry parts – such as coax patch panels, coax assemblies and ground wire systems – first Atlas:


. . . and for Spit:


Coax cable assemblies:


This can is half full – and will be full this weekend.  Finally radials and 4 square masts:


Its been a ton of fun putting together a shopping list and then getting stuff donated and build what remains. We could not have done this without our Sponsors – like DX Engineering in  this post – and others who will be highlighted soon.




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