VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

On Tuesday, September 8th on w5kub.com at 8 PM CT, (9 PM EST and 6 PM PST), Bob, KK6EK gives us an update on planning and preparations for the Heard Island DXpedition. This is part of a regular status “check in” from the VKØEK Heard Island Team.

During the DXpedition we will be bringing you live reports from Heard Island. The most important will be DXA, which gives you realtime log updates. But the team is also implementing the capability to upload images, audio, and possibly live video direct from Heard Island, as well as receiving messages and information from the DXing community. The expedition has two primary goals: (1) To log a QSO with as many DXers as possible, espeically those needing VKØ/H for an all-time-new-one; and (2) To conduct a wide-ranging scientific investigation of this important subAntarctic island to document the effects of global climate change.

You can watch this interview live on http://www.w5kub.com. Alternatively, you can listen in on Shortwave WTWW on 5085 KHz. A previous interview with co-Organizer Rich KY6R can be seen here.

The VKØEK Team would like to thank our sponsor, Tom Medlin W5KUB for this opportunity to inform the DXing community about the project, and to thank our many supporters who are making it possible, listed here. Donation information is listed here.

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