VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


AE0EE (Bill) working SSB at the UC Berkeley club station W6BB.  Image credit: Jack Burris, K6JEB

This weekend, from 1800z Aug. 15 to 0600 Aug. 16, join some of the US-based Heard Island VK0EK hams and SF Bay Area support team (“Diablo DX-ers”) for some North American SSB pileup practice.  We’ll be looking for name and state/province/country on 10, 15, 20, 40, 80, and 160M.

Our training session will not only give ops the chance to practice handling a (simplex) pileup, but will also allow the operators to become familiar with callsigns which might be difficult to pull out from Heard Island. Depending on band conditions and activity levels, we may also work search-and-pounce.


Here are the Heard Island Rockhoppers to watch for:

AE0EE – Bill (IT Czar on Heard Island, Radio Operator and Scientist – “Inquisitive Rockhopper!”)

K3EL – Dave (Radio Team Leader and Scientist, veteran of the excellent ZL9HR Campbell Island and VK9MT DX-peditions – and more . . . )

N6TQ – Jim (Radio Operator and Scientist, veteran of several DX-peditions, including the recent Botswana A25TQ DX-pedition)

K6JEB – Jack (Diablo DX-er)

KY6R – Rich (DXpedition co-organizer and Diablo DX-er)

Rich, KY6R will have his new N6BT (VK0EK Sponsor) DXU-32 2 element 40M / 3 element 20M yagi pointed at 60 degrees from before gray line to after gray line as an antenna test. He will also be on 160M and 20M as well.


For more info on this event, please click http://ncjweb.com/naqp/

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