VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

This is from Tom at W5KUB.COM:

It’s time for Amateur Radio Roundtable, a live weekly amateur radio webcast and simulcasted shortwave program every Tuesday night at 8 PM CDT (0100 UTC Wednesday).  The show can viewed at W5KUB.com or heard on shortwave radio station, WTWW on 5085 KHz.  Tom Medlin, W5KUB, is joined by co-host Ted Randall, WB8PUM, from the QSO Radio Show.

The show covers a wide range of topics for ham radio operators, shortwave listeners, and electronic hobbyists; including balloon launches, Satellite, go-kits, emergency communications, SDR, digital modes, DXing, home brewing, and more.

This week’s guest will be Richard M Holoch, KY6R, a member of the US support team for the VK0EK Heard Island DXpedition.  Rich will provide an update on the planning of this expedition.  To subscribe to Rich’s Heard Island Expedition newsletter, go to http://www.heardisland.org/HD_pages/HD_newsletter.php

The Heard Island DXpedition is a major scientific/communications expedition to Heard Island, an Australian sub Antarctic island lying at 53°S 73°E.  The island is extremely isolated and subject to extreme conditions.  The theme of the expedition is “Discovering Life in the Extremes,” which includes:

  • Make radio contacts with amateur radio operators worldwide to log as many All-Time-New-Ones (ATNOs) as possible.
  • Develop and deploy new technology for real-time communication with extremely isolated sites under extreme conditions.
  • Discover new species to complete the known biodiversity as a tool for testing model predictions of climate and climate change

This voyage is scheduled for March 6 – April 20, 2016, with the amateur radio operation about March 16 – April 8.

Heard Island presents perhaps the ultimate in difficulty for amateur radio operation.  Its remoteness, the harsh climate, and the absence of permanent facilities are reasons for the very infrequent amateur radio activity, and therefore for its great demand for contacts in the amateur radio community.  VKØEK will be used for this xpedition.

W5KUB is proud to be a sponsor of the Heard Island DXpedition.  Be sure to tune in to our live Tuesday night shows during the expedition for live reports from Heard Island.

To watch Amateur Radio Roundtable go to W5KUB.com, click on Live Events.  To join the chat room, signup for a new account. It only take a couple of minutes.  If you are listening on 5085 KHz, we would like to hear from you. Please send an email to tom@w5kub.com and tell us your location and signal report.

Be sure to check out Ted Randall’s show, the QSO Radio Show. You can find information about Ted’s Saturday shortwave show at http://qsoradioshow.com/

We need your help with topics. If you have a specific subject that you would like to present in a future show, send an email to tom@W5KUB.com.

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Join us for fun and interesting discussions!

Tom Medlin, W5KUB

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