VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016



We had a wonderful party last night at the home of Dr. Bob, KK6EK, leader of the VK0EK 2016 DX-pedition. In attendance were esteemed guests from the NCDXF, Nigel Jolly of the Braveheart and several VK0EK Team members – those going as well as those “working hard behind the scenes”.

In the next post – I will have several photo’s from that event – but for now – I’d like to thank everyone who has worked so hard on this project, and especially the NCDXF – who makes these very difficult projects financially possible, and Nigel and his Braveheart crew who are easily the best way to get to these “difficult to get to” places.

I’d also like to thank Ted Cheeseman of Cheeseman’s Ecological Expeditions (who has a new way for those wanting to get to these difficult polar places but where there are much smaller teams who want to go), and Dr. Anders Jepson, our administrator of the highly successful Heard Island Angel Fund.


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