VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


During the March – April 2016 VK0EK DX-pedition, DXA will be your best friend. Not only is it fantastically entertaining – where you can watch (in real time) you making your QSO and your friends making theirs – it will cut down on Duplicates and (if TX5K is any indication) – cut down on DQRM since you will have live proof that you are in the log. You also won’t worry if you think – but are unsure if you made a QSO – because you can retry if you don’t see your call come up within 1 minute of your QSO – and while propagation is still good. Our operators will not have to break rate and worry about dupes at all – and far fewer people will be duping. Also – this will thwart the DQRM-ers, because you will know for sure that you made your QSO – and you can then move onto another band and mode and work us again. We even believe it will help ensure higher ATNO’s / Uniques as it seemed to for TX5K.

This is far, far better in many respects than daily log updates to the various online logging services – where people spend time and worry “wondering”. Of course, after the DX-pedition ends the various online log service uploads (Clublog and LOTW) will be made – and we will have an early QSL service for those who donate BEFORE the DX-pedition. Stay tuned and watch the QSL page for further details.

But while the DX-pedition is on the air – DXA is where you will want to be!

For more details please see this page:


To see this operating (simulation) on the web,

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