VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016


Left to Right: Bob KK6EK, Gary ZL2IFB, Jackie ZL3CW/F2CW and Lee ZL2AL. Thanks to Gary’s good lady Deborah for joining us and taking the photo.

Dr. Bob, KK6EK and Leader of the Cordell Expeditions VK0EK Heard Island 2015 DX-pedition is currently in New Zealand, being hosted by team member Jackie Calvo, ZL3CW/F2CW and visiting with world famous New Zealand DX-ers Lee, ZL2AL and Gary, ZL2IFB. Please visit Lee Jennings web site for more on this visit at:


On the non radio side of the visit, a most fascinating meeting with world famous climber and explorer, Peter Hillary, (yes, the son of Sir Edmund Hillary):



Stay tuned to this channel for more on that – and also at the main Heard Island Expedition web site!

Jackie sure was a great host – and treated Bob to the wonderful sites and sounds of New Zealand:


And a Maori man having some fun with Bob:


Bob next had the chance to meet with another world class DX-er – Chris, ZL2DX:


Where will Bob go next? Stay tuned – its a fascinating voyage before VK0EK sets sail!

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