VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

On Sunday, December 14th, ten hearty souls showed up at the Cordell Expeditions warehouse in Richmond, California. This is less than a mile away from where Kaiser Steel and others had ship works going during WWII – building big ships for the Pacific Theatre of the war, and about 10 miles away from where Emelia Earhardt took off on her final flight.

We prepared for VK0EK, The Heard Island 2015 DX-pedition. Since pictures and videos speak far louder than words, enjoy the show – the hard work – DX-ers talking DX, and the awesome camaraderie!


Back Row, L-R: Jim, N6TQ,Mathison, KJ6DZB, Eduardo, K6EGF, Rich, KY6R, Elliot, N6PF, Mike, KJ4Z

Front Row, L-R: Jack, K6JEB, Peter, W6DEI, Jim, KI6SDF


Our good friend, Phil, operating “The Elevator”


Lunch Time with Doctor Bob, KK6EK . . .

Dx-ers talking DX!

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