VK0EK – March 6 – April 20, 2016

We are pleased to announce that we have more than the minimum number of team members required for the vessel charter, and also that the team is well-balanced between scientists and radio operators. This enables us to proceed with the preparations for the expedition, including acquisition of facilities and equipment, planning logistics, defining specific scientific and radio operation goals, development of software, fundraising, and other activities.

Approximately half the team will be carrying out exploratory science, searching for rare and unknown species of plants and animals. It is predicted that between 200 and 300 species live on Heard Island that are presently unknown. This comprises a significant part of the total biodiversity of this extremely isolated island, crucial for testing model predictions of the effects of global climate change.

The other half of the team will carry out a major amateur radio operation, using the callsign VKØEK. With the anticipated stay of up to 21 days on the island, we expect to log well over 100,000 contacts worldwide. Some aspects of the activity on the island will be seen in real time on the expedition website http://www.heardisland.org.

The full team, including the participants who will travel to the island, is listed here. Although participation is by invitation only, we welcome inquiries from anyone. The project is described in detail in the Project Description. Other documents are available on the expedition website. For more information, please contact the Expedition Leader: robert@schmieder.com.

The Radio Team and Radio Team Support members are listed here:


2 thoughts on “Team Update

  1. efpophis says:

    What sort of software development activities do you guys need? I’m a professional software engineer with 18 years of experience – maybe I can help?

    73 and good luck,

    Bill Wk2x

    1. ky6r says:

      Hello Bill. I will forward this note to our IT Team, led by K6jeb and KJ4Z

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